Government Shutdown Causing Interest Rates to Go Up or Down?

Interestingly enough, mortgage interest rates have continued their downward trend this past week, especially the past few days.  This is basically a flight to quality event due to the Stock Market selling off.  It could reverse itself in two weeks as we get closer to the biggest issue, possible default of our National debt.

Though I doubt we will go over that cliff, in the mean time Interest Rates have dropped to the low 4% range, creating a great opportunity for any buyers that you may be working with to qualify for a higher loan amount than just a month ago.

Freddie Mac announced this morning that interest rates slightly decreased again this week.

The National average the past week for a 30 year fixed was 4.22%, with an average cost of .70 points. A 15 year fixed dropped to 3.29% with .70 points.

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