Be a Power Agent in 2013

I want you to make more money than ever before this year!  We all know that we should have an annual business plan written and ready for implementation by the end of December.   Just in case you forgot – procrastinated – or did not have a good format, I have attached a copy of “Be a Power Agent in 2013″ for you to use.  Let me know if you find it as impactful as I did.

Click here to download the pdf on how to Be a Power Agent in 2013

Also, if you would like help in attracting new Listings and/or Buyers, reply back and we will schedule a time and day to get together.  I have several truly exciting strategies sure to increase your sales volumes dramatically!


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Bill is the Preferred Mortgage Advisor for Opes Advisors, and will be one of the first team members to contact you. Bill is a Certified Mortgage Planner and as a Mortgage Banker and Mortgage Broker, he has been custom tailoring loan plans for clients for over 20 years. Bill offers financial advice on how to properly structure financing to help his clients save money while building wealth, whether you are purchasing your first home or a seasoned investor. Feel free to contact him at the telephone number provided or e-mail him at

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